How To Create Anything

A Simple, Satisfying, and Sustainable Way to Take Any Idea from Seed to Bloom. Boom!

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How to Create Anything is a personal development course designed as an inner adventure for anyone who wants to Create or ReCreate something in their lives — a business, project, or even a new way of being.

It's especially effective for Heartrepreneurs (entrepreneurs with a desire to use their gifts to serve others), to help you clarify what it is you want to create, recognize your value, move through obstacles, and easefully design a strategy to manifest, share, support, and sustain You and Your Idea.

How are you feeling?

If everything is perfect in your life right now, if you're wildly satisfied with your precious self, your work and what you share in the world, then this course probably won't be for you. (Unless you're a coach, seeking some additional inspiration in your work, then it could be).

If, however, you are feeling any of these things,









Needing direction

then this course could be perfect to help you create a new way of being and feeling about yourself and your project, and help move it forward.

The purpose of this course is to help you become Inspired and Empowered. To become inspired to Spark Your Idea and open the doors of possibility. To become empowered within the understanding of What you want to create and Why, so you can use that knowledge—and the tools you gather by working through this course—to create a simple, satisfying and sustainable strategy to bring Your Idea to life.



"Hi Elsa, I just enrolled in your course, very excited. I'm looking forward to where it takes me. The Workbook questions are already helping me see where I have clarity and where I don't. It's feeling hopeful to getting me unstuck and on track, and the timing is great.

Thank you!" —Lisa M.





In this course you will learn how to

Move into Inspiration

Spark your Imagination

Identify your Gifts and Skills

Break through Resistance

Create from the Inside out

Recognize your Value

Attract your Ideal People

Create effective Messaging to convey your Value and Your Offer

Create effective Delivery Methods for Your Message

Create a Simple, Satisfying and Sustainable strategy to support YourSelf and share Your Idea, and even generate Income from it.

How To Create Anything is a tested and proven program for unfolding Your Idea one step at a time, beginning with the seed of your intention and nurturing it with the power of your attention through all of the stages of its becoming, into a big, beautiful, bodacious bloom.

Show Up, Shine, and Share

There has never been a more propitious time to activate your life's work from a place of true authenticity—your essence, your gifts, your skills—and share it with those who resonate with and appreciate you.

The Power is returning to the individual, contrary to how things might seem.

Whether you're a man or a woman, an artist, a therapist, coach, flame thrower, Nia instructor, inventor, writer, photographer, dolphin trainer, attorney, waitress, poet, doctor, or entrepreneur of any kind, the principles of creating Your Idea are the same.

Using the sunflower as a model for Your Idea, you begin with the seed of Inspiration, moving through the modules to cultivate a mature plant. Each module is a stage in its development, each is meaningful and magical, guiding you step-by-step toward your goal, the fully bloomed sunflower.

When you invest in yourself by enrolling in this course you will learn how to move from inspiration through resistance, to clarity, to messaging, and realizing your value to be able to design a strategy for creating and sharing Your Idea. This program is process-oriented, designed to Empower You to Create. It's simple, effective, inspiring and sustainable. It is requiring, and it's rewarding and fun.

I created this program to help me not only come back to life (literally), but to hit the reset button in the way I worked. I learned that everything is created from the inside out, that my intention and my vision were just as valuable as all the things I knew how to do. Learning to create from the inside out has changed my life.

In each of the eight modules you'll be guided through a worksheet with accompanying, downloadable audio. Every module has required listening—and even a movie in one—to spark you and get you percolating, and shed some light on things that may be holding you back.

The modules will take you through the order of Inspiration, Thoughts, Images and Feelings, Clarity, Creativity, Messaging, and finally, Strategy – in that order! There is no point in creating a strategy when the other foundational qualities are not in place, it will not serve you. The modules unfold organically, beginning with the seed of your intention, each module building upon the former one to create a strong foundation for Your Idea.

There is a Facebook Group where you can ask questions and learn from others. On occasion I will do a Facebook Live session to share knowledge and wisdom gained by working with people in this program. Even if you're not enrolled in the course you can join the group here.

Each module is released at weekly intervals to give you a week to complete it. This is a rich, process-oriented approach and will help you really create Your Idea from the inside out, creating from a sustainable place that will truly support you and those you serve.

"This program is an alchemical process. When you make the commitment to this work and step on the path, nothing is the same. It rocks your world." —Atma Devi, Consultant

Course Details

There are 8 modules to the program. Modules I-IV are designed to create the foundation for your Strategy.

Modules V and VI are all about your Ideal Person and your Messaging.

Modules VII and VIII give you the opportunity to begin to design a simple, sustainable Strategy to bring Your Idea to life and keep moving forward.

Each module has a guided worksheet(s) with audio from me, and an inspiring audio/visual component. In the final module you will create a simple Treasure Map as the springboard to give you your next steps after you've completed the course, to move you forward and help you activate Your Idea.

How To Create Anything is designed to run for eight weeks. You can take as long as you like, although continuity is ideal to receive the most benefit from the course. Everything you learn will be available to you to use for any Idea you want to create in the future as well. Once you learn the recipe you can repeat it and tweak it to suit your needs.

The Modules









Your Investment


(or 3 payments of $175)

This is a premium course for which my clients have paid $1,000 or more. You have lifetime access to the course. Anytime it is updated you will benefit from the updates and additions.

Your Bonuses


Access to my personal Workbook answers for the course. I used the process outlined in this course to turn my one-on-one coaching program (the IDEA Program) into a self-guided online course available to everyone. It became the How To Create Anything course that you are reading about now.


Access to the How To Create Anything Facebook Group, where you can find me on a regular basis, as well as course alums and current participants who share their experiences with this program.


A comprehensive Resource Guide full of inspiring people to connect with, as well as the tools and tech I to use to create my business. The guide will be available to you at the end of the course.

"The 8-stage strategy could not have provided a better fit for my needs. First off, the methodology is very understandable. Each step in the process is a themed combination of inspirational speakers and writings, along with assignments designed to engage the student in contemplation and expression.

Each week's theme and content is revealed one step at a time. I loved this element of surprise! This strategy allows the student to focus on the projects at hand, and build on the layered foundation of the methodology as it is rolled out.

Creating my idea went from overwhelming and onerous, to tactical and attainable. I feel energized in bringing my ideas to fruition!"

—Ken Smith, Environmental Designer and Artist

Your Instructor

Elsa Kendall
Elsa Kendall

I could write this in third person and that would be proper, but it would also be impersonal. So here is a brief synopsis straight from the heart. I share this with you so you can see how, through 40 years of work and entrepreneurial experience, I have been able to successfully design a course that helps people create clarity, recognize their value, and share their gifts.

In the beginning

I was born in the United States and moved to England when I was ten-years old. It was a fantastic place to grow up. I felt entrepreneurial from a young age and began working when I was 15, as a waitress at a café (where I met Lynyrd Skynyrd, but that's another story ;). I've been working ever since, for a few decades. I studied at the College of Distributive Trades in London when I was working at Dickins and Jones, part of the Harrods Group.

Back to the U. S. A.

I moved back to the U.S. when I was 20 and graduated from FIDM with an honors degree in interior design. I realize I continue to work in the field of interior design. Now, it's about helping people reveal their unique design within—their gifts—and share them with others. I have also studied creative writing, journalism, photography, marketing, and even reflexology. I've had 33 occupations—many in the same field—most notably in retail merchandising, marketing, the restaurant business, graphic design, fine art book publishing, photography, teaching, consulting, writing, program design, interior/architectural design, blogging and social media, website design, art curating, art making, creativity consulting, and working in management within the corporate and private sectors.


I've been a certified Nia instructor since 1995; I brought Nia to Santa Fe, New Mexico that year and have been living here ever since. Teaching Nia is one of the great joys of my life and I love it when Nia instructors enroll in the course. I've had a few students who have been instructors and have been able to create and/or build their Nia classes with great success as a result.

A lifelong entrepreneur

I've been following entrepreneurs since I can remember; In Search of Excellence was one of my favorite books. I've always wanted to 'have my own shop', as I told my mother when I was 16. I have had a few businesses, most notably Arena Editions, an internationally-known, fine art photography book publishing company based in Santa Fe. In 2003 I heard about blogging. It seemed like a strange concept to me but a few years later in 2008 I created my first Blogspot blog and I loved sharing photos and stories from my life in the woods of northern New Mexico.

Since then I've been in a "Master's" program learning everything I can about being an entrepreneur in the 2010s and beyond, and creating and running an online business. Writing and storytelling are my passions, as is teaching Nia movement. Inspiring and empowering people to live from their "true north" is something to which I'm very committed.

The year my world fell apart

In 2011 everything crumbled. My workaholic tendencies had finally caught up with me. I lost my health, and nearly my life, my home, my nest egg, and the ability to do the work I had been involved in for 20+ years. It was obviously time for a change.

Coming back to life

As I came back to vitality I realized all I wanted to do was use my gifts and skills to serve, so in 2013 I created MySojournal Creative Communication and Idea Development. I've been working with clients since then and in 2014 the IDEA Program was born. It has now become the self-guided, online course you are looking at now: How To Create Anything. I love the natural world so I used the sunflower as a metaphor for the growing of Your Idea from seed to bodacious bloom, and beyond. It has been one of the most satisfying periods of my life. Seeing how people are transformed by their work in the course is extremely rewarding for me.

"I keep thinking about you and re-listening to various resources from the modules. It really is a fabulous program that you designed!"

Esha Chiocchio, Sustainability Consultant and Documentary Photographer

Class Curriculum

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"My work in the program enabled me to become very clear with what type of students I wanted to attract to my Nia dance classes. Over several weeks I was given valuable assignments to help me connect with my vision. These assignments and projects also helped me get more in touch with my fears and other limitations that might hold me back from accomplishing my vision. It was a very deep and rewarding process. Elsa's program was an inspiration and valuable course, and now my classes are filling up!"

—Barbara Miller, Certified Nia Instructor, Brown Belt

"Elsa's beautiful program lovingly takes you on an inner journey that enables you to excavate, visualize and move toward your deepest aspirations. It is an awe-inspiring, internal expedition that everyone should have the joy of experiencing."

—Marcie Davis, Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like, across any and all devices you own.
When does the course start and how does it run?
The course is open for enrollment now. There are 8 modules; technically it runs for 8 weeks. However, there is no deadline so you can complete the modules in your own time.
How much time each week do I need to spend on the course?
You can spend as little or as long as you like, it's up to you. Generally I find people spend 2-3 hours per week. Naturally, the more you're willing to absorb yourself in the material and the process, the greater your results will be.
Will this course help to develop my business?
Yes. Anything that develops you personally can only serve to develop the expression of that through your business. The Inspiration and Clarity around your Value and who you want to serve with your business will help you create the best Strategy to develop and share (market) Your Idea, and help you generate revenue.
What if I am disatisfied with the course?
If you are unsatisfied with the course, contact me. Send me your completed worksheets for the modules, showing me you honored your commitment to participate fully, and if you still want a refund I will refund your money in full. Please Note: I will not give a refund if you just change your mind after you begin the course. I have never had anyone who was fully committed from the get-go be dissatisfied. That's why it's very important for you to be sure you want to participate in this journey with yourSelf. It is life-changing and you will want to create the space and be ready to embrace it.
I'm a Nia teacher and I want to build my class. Will this course help me?
Yes! Teachers of all levels have used this program to not only build their classes but create a whole new class of a different modality with great success, e.g. Nia > Moving to Heal. Recognizing Your Value and attracting and speaking to Your Ideal Person are covered extensively in the modules.
I have a real phobia about marketing. Is there anything in the course to help me overcome this?
Absolutely! There is a whole section on demystifying marketing, where you learn that good marketing is nothing more than sharing what you love with people who appreciate hearing from you. The way in which you do that will be guided by your work in the foundational modules, and this will help you to create your own unique message and brand.
I really want to do the course but can't afford to pay all in one chunk. Is there a payment plan?
Yes. I want to help you begin creating right away so I offer a 3-pay plan. You will see this option when you click the "Enroll in Course" button.
Is there any support during the program?
Yes. You can join the Facebook Group, How To Create Anything Creation Nation. You can also email me at

"I’m grateful for the help and guidance this program gave me, and continues to give me. I can apply the basic template to other projects and areas of my life. What Elsa has laid out is very thoughtful and very productive. It works very well with the artist’s mind."

—Eric O’Connell, Artist and Professor of Photography

"This program is so full of inspiration, delight and empowerment, truly. The program took me through a flow of delightful and challenging exercises, helping me hone in on my purpose, overcome obstacles, and create an action plan to make my idea real. It helped me to see my gifts, to value them, and to figure out ways to share them with the world. I wholeheartedly recommend Elsa’s program for anyone looking to create positive change in their lives!"

—Katie Macaulay, Entrepreneur and Artist

"My experience with this program was right on time. I was both ready and resistant. All of that fell away in natural time as I worked through the modules. The result was like opening a window and inhaling fresh air! Faulty beliefs and doubt began to fall away. My perspective shifted. I learned patience with myself and out of it clarity, creativity and pure desire soared. Now I am witnessing dreams come true in my work and in my life. Jump in. Gratitude guaranteed. Thank you, Elsa."

—Jamie Berry Klein, Certified Nia Instructor, Black Belt

If you are ready to leave behind the old mentality of Gotta Go Gotta Do Gotta Get

to step into a new way of Becoming Creating Activating

then I invite you to enroll in the How To Create Anything course and begin now.

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